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P.R.I.S.M DOES CURRENTLY HAVE  POSITIONS AVAILABLE. If you would still like to submit an application please do so.  We will review the applicationsin a timely manner and respond back to applicant if we are interested. Before you apply, please read the following membership requirements to see if you qualify. If you cannot meet all requirements listed for your application at this time please do not apply at this time.
?Must be 18 years of age. First and Last Name
?Must have a computer and have access to the internet daily
?Must be able to attend 90% of all monthly meetings
?Must be able to attend 90% of all investigations invited to
?Must have a vehicle
?No membership dues at this time. At the the discretion of P.R.I.S.M dues may be charged if needed in the future
?Must be prepared to put 4-7 hours into each investigation
?Must be prepared to put an average of 15 hours into evidence review after each investigation
?Must be able to meet all deadlines
?Must be a team player
?Previous experience preferred but not required.

These are the very basic requirements you have to meet to be a part of P.R.I.S.M. If you meet ALL of the above requirements please email us your information to for consideration. We will discuss other requirements if we are interested in the candidate. Unfortunately, if you don't we can not accept your application.All new applicants will be screened carefully Please consider being part of the P.R.I.S.M community through our forum. Anything paranormal (and not so paranormal) is discussed there. This is how P.R.I.S.M stays connected with all like-minded individuals out there with their many stories, photos, videos, theories, and investigation suggestions. We appreciate your interest and support. Please go to Contact us Link for Information.